Investors club

Communication in an informal setting with like-minded people, practicing investors and experts is what keeps your finger on the pulse of the investment area.

Investors club is new opportunities and connections and exchange of investment expertise in a circle of like-minded people.

Investment seasons starting from the year 2015

The idea of creating a club has come from the initiative group of our clients in 2014. The era of economic and geopolitical crisis in Russia has become an incentive for joining efforts, effective cooperation and exchange of investment experience.

Since January 2015, the club has opened its doors to the first members and began its activities in a closed format. But soon, thanks to word of mouth and the recommendations of the members of the first meetings, the club has become popular and demanded in small circles of private investors in Moscow.

Relevant issues are covered and discussed on:

  • Investment instruments and strategies;
  • The economic and political situation in the country and the world as a whole;
  • Changes within a legal framework;
  • Innovations;
  • Real estate;
  • Business;
  • And other directions relevant for the club members.

You can find out about the upcoming club meetings and register for them on the club’s website!

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Formats of meetings:

The Club presents the most popular formats and direction at the moment. The most popular of them are:

  • Open meetings with experts from different fields
  • Seminars and training projects
  • Cinematherapy
  • Book Club
  • Mastermind groups
  • Business breakfasts and dinners


Q : How can I find out about upcoming club events?

A: In order to be kept in the loop, go to the club’s website and subscribe to the newsletter.

Q : How to become a member of club meetings?

A: It’s as easy as ABC! Complete the “Sign-up” form located on the website or simply register for any club meeting. The open area of the club does not imply any membership fees, club cards or compulsory attendance at meetings.

Q : What if I am interested in an investment project or investment vehicle?

A: We are willing to provide the contacts of the author, project manager or company, but we are not liable for the result. Remember, any investment poses risks!

Q : I have an investment project, idea, experience! How can I share it with club members?

A: It is simple as that! You can take part in a club meeting, even remotely, and share it with the participants of the club event! Describe your idea, the essence of the project, and what you need in several screens, and be ready to answer the questions of the club members!