Fiduciary management of apartments

Fiduciary management of apartments

Region of work:

Moscow and Moscow region

«I have no time to deal with renting out my apartment!»

People often asked such questions as: “I have to go abroad, who will take care of my apartment?” or “I have no time to deal with renting out my apartment!”

Besides that, when buying apartments at a discount, we understood and realized that in the overwhelming majority of cases it would be necessary to make repairs, and at the time of the subsequent saleto monitor the technical condition of the property, pay utility bills, interact with public utilities and management companies. This is how a new area – Fiduciary Management of Real Estate –appeared.

The way we work:

Today, there are several dozens of apartments for rent under this program. Some of them were bought by us for our investors, and later they decided not to resell them but make a profit from the rental business.

There is a personal manager, own cleaning service, operation and maintenance service at your disposal.

1. Rent
1.1 Preparing the apartment for renting.
1.2 Searching for tenants.
1.3 Conclusion of tenancy agreement for rented premises.

2. Repair
2.1 Maintenance of the apartment in the living condition.
2.2 Minor repairs of equipment, bathroom fixtures and the apartment as a whole.

3. Purchasing
3.1 We buy some more equipment, furniture and interior decorations.

4. Communication with the authorities
4.1 Representation of interests of the proprietor in the multipurpose center, passport office, uniform information and accounting center, tax agency and so on.
4.2 Communication with management company.
4.3 Submission of tax return (by the will of the proprietor).

5. Insurance of the apartment
5.1 By the will of the proprietor we insure the apartment against floods, fires and other troubles.

6. Extra services
6.1 Apartment repair of any difficulty.
6.2 Open to discussion!


Q : How much does the service cost?

A: Tariff plans are developed individually. You can familiarize yourself with the approximate ones on the website of this area. 

Q : What will I need to do?

A: Receive monthly SMS about the receipt of money =) We address all the issues. From the leaking tap to resolving conflicts with nervous neighbors.

Q : Which region can I use the service in?

A: At the present moment, only in Moscow. But you can be anywhere in the world.

Q : And what if something breaks down in the apartment?

A: We insure the majority of the apartments against floods, fires and other troubles. If something gets broken through the fault of tenants, repair is provided at their expense. If the equipment goes haywire due to its old age, repair is provided at the landlord’s expense, by the forces of the agency.